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The worst marketing ever: Opportunities New Brunswick big campaign fail


“I AM NB PROUD” reads the Facebook ad, this one featuring a photo of Geoff Clark, a ‘delivery executive for IBM Client Innovation. The subtitle reads: “Make your move to New Brunswick.” It’s hard to begin to explain why this ad campaign is so bad to someone who doesn’t live here.

But fortunately, real New Brunswickers are able to directly comment on the ad, thanks to Facebook. Here’s what one of them clearly articulates, despite his spelling.

“Even the refugies are leaving there is no work for the young generation and the other struggle its so sad to see the the gouvernment paying for that instead of fixing the probleme that probleme is irving that bleed the province drop by drop and stashing there money in bermuda instead of contributing to the systeme like all the others look at saint john that town look like a dump and broak but housing the biggest refinery in canada having one of the weltiest famly running and owning it ruinning he crown kand with all the poison they make the gouve…

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