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The idiocy of Huddle. And the search for big ideas to save New Brunswick


Huddle is a news website that’s run by an ad…er…content-creation agency called Bonfire in Saint John. One of it’s co-founders, Allan Gates, got into the news a couple of years ago when he was advising Premier Brian Gallant on strategy.

Trouble was, it was unclear whether Gates-Huddle-Bonfire was a news outlet or a marketing outfit, or both. CBC quoted Kelly Toughill, a prof at King’s College in Halifax. “If there’s a commercial relationship and there’s a contract to make the government look good, and you’re also writing about the government, then that’s clearly a conflict of interest.”

These kinds of grey-boundary relationships aren’t rare—especially in New Brunswick, where all of the mainstream newspapers in the province are owned by one family that also runs the largest resource-based companies here—and have a huge stake in the outcomes of government decisions.

To defend the opportunistically entrepreneurial point-of-view, there’s a whole lot more money to be made cozying up to the po…

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