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Time to say goodbye to the printed page. Again


There I was on page 12. Not me, exactly: I’m talking about my print column that ran last week in the Saint Croix Courier. The piece took up half a page, the other half was advertising. I’m used to seeing my column on the editorial page surrounded by other opinions, but with the reformatting of the newspaper I’ve been shuffled, along with a few others.

A newspaper is many things, among them a published record of news, events, celebrations and opinions. In many ways, the interplay of the information gives us, the readers, a sense of the immediate world around us. Whether it’s big city Canada or small town New Brunswick, I think the printed newspaper has a very important role in the community. Like a book, the newspaper is a tangible record. Evidence that we exist, historically speaking.

Yes, electronic publications are also archived, and preserve history, I suppose. But those ones and zeros are tricky. Unlike a newspaper which is printed once, an online piece can be manipulated at will, …

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