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Yay! Graduation time. Now what?

It’s graduation time. We have three kids graduating this year: one from university, one from high school and one from middle school. We are, of course, enormously proud of them. And we are, of course, concerned about their futures, the kind of work they’ll eventually find and the kind of world they’ll inherit.

The world felt like a more stable place when I was a kid. It was the post-WW2 era, and there were plenty of jobs, lots of optimism; we’d soon have flying cars and robots in our kitchens. We still don’t have those, but we got so much more, up to and including handheld supercomputers we blithely accept as ‘phones’. But we seem to have lost something, or many somethings in translation.
According to Buddhism there are three great sins: desire, hatred and confusion, and it seems as if civilization is currently being propelled by all three. As I dropped the kids off at school today I listened to the news. Someone in London drove a van into a crowd of Muslims in front of a mosque. The d…

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